4. Have the puppies received any vaccinations?   Yes, we give our puppies 2 parvo vaccinations, kennel cough vaccination and a 5 way vaccination along with routine worming. Puppies are  vet checked at 7 - 8 weeks of age.

5.  Do you ship the puppies?   Yes, we do ship our puppies with Delta airlines to most major US cities. Shipping is an additional $350 to most major airports.  We ship our puppies out of Sioux Falls SD - some of the airlines do have temperature restrictions and will not ship if it is below 10 degrees or above 85 degrees. Keep in mind that this can be an issue at times and then we will have to reschedule the flight.   We do NOT ship on Sundays.

6. What is included in the shipping cost?   The flight, vet check, health certificate, and an airline approved travel crate which is yours to keep. We use shredded newspaper in the crate for absorbent bedding. The shipping is very safe. It usually takes us a couple of days to arrange the flight and get all the paperwork in order for shipping.  

7. Do you have a contract?  Yes, there is a copy of it on the "guarantee" page of our website.  No other warranties or guarantees beyond what is listed. 

 1.Can you reserve a puppy for me?     Yes,  we require a $400 deposit to hold a puppy if the puppy is under 8 weeks of age and remaining balance is due before we can ship the puppy. We do not place a puppy on hold unless we have received a deposit. If puppy is over 8 weeks of age, payment in full is required to hold the puppy unless other arrangements have been made

2. What payment forms do you accept?   We accept pay pal (3% processing fee added) or check/money order by mail. Pay pal is our preferred method of payment and we can email you an invoice through pay pal. 

3. If I put a deposit on a puppy, is it refundable?   Deposits are non-refundable UNLESS something happens to the puppy here (gets sick/injured/or dies) or if the puppy does not check out 100% at the vet check. If this should happen then we will either refund the deposit or transfer the deposit to another available puppy of your choice.





8.  How old does the puppy have to be before it can be placed?   Puppies need to be 8 weeks of age before we can ship the puppy. Sometimes we may require them to be a bit older depending on weaning progress. We have our puppies vet checked between 7 - 8 weeks old.

9. Do you have references?   Yes, we do have references and will release them upon request also check out our testimonial page.

10. Are the puppies purebred and registered?   Our puppies are purebred and registered with APRI (American Pet Registry). Our parents are all dual registered with AKC and APRI. The puppies will come with APRI registration papers and these can be sent to AKC for AKC registration as well. We name our puppies for advertising/identification purposes only -  they are not registered under a given name - you may choose a name and register your puppy under your given name!

11.  Any testing done on adults?  Yes,  OFA heart and patella testing is done on our adults.


Frequently Asked Questions